Chromium Portable

Chromium Portable Version 17.0.942.0 Free

A very useful application for keeping your software on a portable device

Chromium Portable is a custom-build version of the Chromium web browser, optimized for portable use. You will be able to take your bookmarks, extensions etc. with you, and Chromium Portable will leave no information behind on the machine you run it on.
Chromium Portable can be run from an iPod, USB flash drive, portable hard drive, CD or any other portable media. You will then be able to surf on the Internet with this efficient portable browser.
Chromium Portable comes with the same intuitive interface and handy controls of Chromium. Furthermore, it can translate the current webpage to the user’s native language. It is a
handy application for those who like to keep their software on a portable device, and have it within reach whilst on the go.
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